Helpful tip for lino printers


Gesso_lino_1 Hannah in our warehouse has given us a brilliant tip for seeing your image clearly on lino. We tried it in the office yesterday and it works really well!

Water down a bit of gesso primer so that it isn’t too thick, then apply to the surface of the lino with foam brush (ideally) or a soft, wide brush. It needs to be very smooth so that there are no raised streaks for your pencil to trip over or so your transfer doesn’t distort. Leave to dry.

Transfer your image or draw straight on to the dry lino. I have drawn the same image in pencil on a piece of lino with gesso (right) and without (left). As you can see, the image is extremely clear on the lino with the gesso.Gesso_lino_3

A general tip is to make sure your lino is warm; you can place lino on the radiator or use a hair dryer.

Gesso makes it easier to see the cuts you make, which may help with a detailed piece.Gesso_lino_4

The completed lino pieces. Gessoed front, plain lino back.Gesso_lino_5

Gesso is waterbased so when you are finished you can rub the primer off with a damp cloth.


Using fine sand paper rub the surface to remove any residue. The surface can get greasy. You can even use a little bit of methylated spirits.Gesso_lino_7 This is the final cut lino in use.Gesso_lino_8