52 Dates – A Craft Idea for Valentine’s Day


If you are leaving it for the last minute and you still don’t have a clue what to get for your significant other, let us treat you with a great craft idea for this year’s Valentine’s Day. In this blog post we are sharing Amy’s tips for 52 Dates, all neatly folded in colourful envelopes.

Valentine’s Day is all about love, but love is not just for Valentine’s Day. With this cool craft project you can treat your partner to a personalised Valentine’s gift that will last you both the whole year! 52 envelopes to open for 52 weeks of the year – this will keep you both in the mood for love and never out of ideas for what to do next!

Here’s what you will need:

  • 52 coloured envelopes – any will do but we recommend the Artoz C7 (AZ650134)
  • 4 sheets of coloured paper or card – try the Artoz A4 100gsm plain coloured (AZ650796) or the Artoz A4 CARD 220gsm plain coloured (AZ650696)
  • a pair of scissors
  • access to a word processor and a printer (alternatively, you can do it all by hand)

Step 1. Create a table in Microsoft Word for 2 columns and 7 rows spreading over the full page. This will create 14 boxes that you can copy over to the next 3 pages, making 56 boxes altogether. Good news is: you will only have to fill 52 of them.

Step 2. Chose a font, increase the text size and start typing out what you think would interest and excite you both. Make it as fancy or simple as you want; just remember to be creative and personal.

Amy’s tip: You can colour code your date ideas for different moods or occasions so that opening a new envelope will be less of a blind bargain and more of a lucky dip. Amy used 4 different coloured envelopes and paper for 4 moods; 13 date ideas in each category. Try organising your ideas around hobbies or create categories like ‘summer fun’, ‘days out’ or you can even create a ‘movies to catch up with’ and fill your corresponding envelopes with a list of black and white oldies you never seem to have time for but always wanted to watch.

Step 3. Your list is complete and ready to print. Fill your printer with coloured paper and hit print. If you are using card or any type of heavy-weight paper, make sure you change your printer settings!

Step 4. Now that you have printed out your date ideas (phew, the printer didn’t swallow and chew the papers this time) you are eager to cut it all up – let’s be honest, shredding a nice sheet of coloured paper is the best part! When you are done, just seal away your ideas in their corresponding envelopes.

Step 5. You are almost done! All you need to do now is create an instruction sheet where you explain how the gift works. If you used colour coding don’t forget to explain what each category means. Use pieces of leftover paper stuck onto the instruction manual, coloured pencils or any other medium to indicate colours.

All done! All you need to worry about now is presentation; find a small gift box to put your envelopes in or tie your parcel of love with a piece of decorative string and voila! You are done! Set your clock to Valentine’s Day and enjoy your year long date with your special someone!

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