This month has #sketchjanuary and #thedailysketch we’d like to share what we’ve been filling our sketchbooks with and give some of you some ideas to fill your sketch books for the last few days of January.

Many of you will have made a new start for 2015 and used #sketchjanuary to give you some inspiration and drive. It’s a great new year’s resolution! A blank sketch book is one that is just waiting to be filled with ideas.

There are many benefits to having a new sketch book, to record daily observations and inspirations, to hone in on and improve artistic skill and to gain confidence are just a few of them!

See what Lawrence staff members have been doing with their new sketch books this January.

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Aimee Brigginshaw http://www.aimeebrigginshaw.co.uk/

“I have previously neglected sketching in recent years , but this January I have made a bit of a resolution to start a sketch book. I am an abstract painter predominantly, but feel it is essential to keep on top of my observational skills. I intend to keep going to life drawing sessions throughout the year, which will encourage me to draw compositions that I may find awkward and challenging. The sketch above was made at the Eggshell Life Drawing class at The Black Dove in Kemptown, Brighton.”

“Eggshell Life Drawing promotes the freedom of drawing and started in the eclectic Black Dove in Kemptown, Brighton, UK. You can  still find this class every Wednesday 7.30pm – 9.30pm for £5 including model and materials. Everyone is welcome to join Eggshell Life Drawing especially if you have never tried it before. Why not?”- http://www.eggshellstudio.com/lifedrawing.html


Del Thorpe- http://www.delthorpe.co.uk/

“I’m a Brighton-based Illustrator of children’s books and similar things.”

Del_Thopre_Sketchjanuary_3 Del_Thopre_Sketchjanuary_4 Del_Thopre_Sketchjanuary_5 Del_Thopre_Sketchjanuary_6 Del_Thopre_Sketchjanuary_7 Del_Thopre_Sketchjanuary_8 Del_Thopre_Sketchjanuary_9 Del_Thopre_Sketchjanuary_99 Georgia_Flowers_sketchjanuaryGeorgia Flowers- http://georgia-alice-flowers.blogspot.co.uk/

“I work with black ink; from heavy black outlines to subtle dot work, from elegance to vulgarity. I am inspired by wildlife & nature, mythology, anatomy & biology, amongst other things.”

“Sketching is a routine when I’m at home. I make a cup of tea and get going. I jot down my ideas in a notebook as they come up. When I’m not working on a commission I work through my ideas notebook, just choosing any idea to work from”

“I tend to use paper rather than a sketch book so that I can easily make a print from the piece. Because my style is so detailed, sketch books don’t suit me as they often get scruffy quickly!”

Georgia_Flowers_sketchjanuary_2 Georgia_Flowers_sketchjanuary_3 Georgia_Flowers_sketchjanuary_4


Hannah Forward http://www.hannahforward.com/

“I like to keep a lot of different sketchbooks on the go at once – some are big watercolour books for neater work, some are for rough sketch ideas I keep scattered around the house, and some are small enough to fit in my pocket so I’m never without a book incase I need to get something down.

I like to take a lot of inspiration for everyday life and day-to-day experience so keep a book on me all the time to write down or make a quick observational drawing.

I think they’re a great way to help bring ideas to the surface, generally practise your mark-making and develop your drawing or painting style. I think sketchbooks become beautiful art objects in themselves as well once they get full of work and look nicely battered and well-used.”

Hannah_Forward_sketchjanuary_2 Hannah_Forward_sketchjanuary_3 Hannah_Forward_sketchjanuary_4 Hannah_Forward_sketchjanuary_5 Hannah_Forward_sketchjanuary_6 Hannah_Forward_sketchjanuary_7


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