NEW – Japanese Vinyl Now In Stock

If you are looking for a smoother alternative to lino or softcut printing blocks, you have come to the right place. We at Lawrence’s are now stocking Japanese Vinyl in a variety of sizes¬†for all your printmaking needs. Watch¬†printmaker Hannah Forward try out this new material, sharing her art-in-progress and her observations on the Japanese Vinyl.

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New website!


Our new homepage welcomes you with a glimpse of our home town, featuring noted Brighton artist Cecil Rice working on a painting of the West Pier. Cecil_Rice

We have also been able to call on our talented workforce here at Lawrence’s (many of whom are practicing artists) with illustrations throughout the site provided by our own Georgia Flowers.


We now have all the latest social media tools to make it easier to share things you love with your friends, find them on all of our products.social_media2

If you need any help navigating the new site or making an order, please contact us and we can guide you.

If you are registered online with us, your account details will be transferred to the new website so you can login as normal with the same details as before.

Don’t forget to find us on our social media sites, updated regularly with news from the art world, product features and helpful art tips.


We’ve worked hard to get as many accurate colour swatches as we can.
We have used many hand painted colour charts from our suppliers to give our customers a true representation


If you have ever wondered about Lawrence’s extensive 154 year history, look no further.
Many of you will have heard tales about infamous Stanley Lawrence at Bleeding Heart Yard, take a look at “our history” page to delve a little deeper.


We’ve really focused on making this process as user friendly as possible.

You can now simply use the plus and minus buttons OR type the number you require into the quantity box.

Clicking any of the “add to basket” buttons on the page will add all of your items to the cart.


Use the filtering feature to filter products by size, colour or other features.

Easier to sort through colours to find the perfect hue of green, blue or anything else!

Only want to buy tubes or pots? Use this feature to single out the sizes you want to see.


We have extended our range of products on the website- including Decopatch, Conte, Lumi Inkodye, Pink Pig pads and many more!


Welcome to our brand new blog!

Our blog will be posting a variety of information, help and advice from professional artists and from our trained members of staff.

We will have behind-the-scenes information on how we create the products you use, reviews on materials by artists, featured artists, product features, information and help.

If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see included on this blog please send them to